•    Insurance

    • UVM is one of the leading freight forwarders in Kolkata and concentrates its significant purchasing power on various strategic carrier partnerships to ensure that the space and competitive pricing is achieved which is required by the customers. UVM offers reliable port to port and door to door services, UVM caters to the customers requiring both export and import full container services.
      UVM Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing Insurance services for both Import & Export cargoes. UVM is working with reliable and renowned Insurance company only like National Insurance, TATA AIG etc.

  •    Warehousing

    • UVM SHIPPING SERVICES PVT. LTD. offer our customers a comprehensive warehousing solutions. This is done through various strategic alliances with big and established warehouse operators. We are able to handle standard storage and distribution and inventory management. There is always a competitive advantage in outsourcing the warehousing functions.

  •    Packing

    • With unparalleled understanding of transportation technologies UVM offers custom packaging and shipping for heavy, over sized and fragile items. Including machinery and industrial equipment, These services are specially structured to save your time and ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. Packaging experts from UVM utilize state-of-the-art packing and custom crating processed to protect good during shipping. They also specialize in properly packing fragile and high -value items, including antiques, art, electronics, crystal, china and porcelain.

  •    Pillarization

    • UVM portfolio of value added services include pillarization of export consignments. The palletization services are designed for safe loading and unloading of products. It also involves fumigation of the pallets for pest control, preventing shipment from possible damages. The experts from UVM make sure that the bases of the pallets are accessible for pallet-jacks on two sides with a minimum clearance, allowing easy handling during loading and unloading of the goods.

  •    Lashing

    • UVM UVM also offers lashing chalking and blocking of the cargo in the container as well as heavy, over sized cargo, including machinery and industrial equipment. We have skilled worker for lashing and chalking of the materials under the supervision of our expertise.

  •    Door to Door Delivery

    • UVM offers door to door delivery services for customers, who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage, while focusing on core business. By leveraging the breadth and reliability of the global network, UVM can remove days from your supply chain, delivering goods from overseas directly to your desired destination. Your shipments can clear customs while still in the sea, air enabling delivery by the end of the next possible business day, saving your time and money.